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Mexican Female ArtisanEach of our fair trade artisans have a different story to tell. They not only put their heart and soul into their work, but each finished product is engraved with a piece of their culture just waiting to be shared with others. When you buy a hand embroidered Mexican blouse or colorful beaded necklace you can be assured that you are getting a truly unique piece that resonates the culture and individualism of the artisan who made it. No two pieces will ever be the same.

Our textiles are created by gifted artisans and their families who have inherited the skills and traditions passed down to them through generations. Using high quality embroidery produced in Mexico and designing each piece from hand woven fabrics, these skilled women provide a mix of traditional design with modern style to create a truly unique piece of clothing anyone can appreciate. We are proud to showcase their work to consumers all across the United States so they know that everything they work for is distinguishing them as truly brilliant and unique artists.



In partnership with artisans from regions all across Mexico, our mission is to provide them with a sustainable income and consistent encouragement so they may continue sharing their traditions with us through the beauty present in every finished product. We know these women come from economically disadvantaged communities and strive to ensure they are granted the right to express their creativity while providing for their families. Each artisan sets their own price and we never barter with them.

We currently partner with artisans from various regions in Mexico, like Chiapas, Guerrero, Hidalgo, Morelos, Oaxaca, Puebla, Veracruz, Yucatan, and many others so we can provide you with a large variety of styles and designs suited for your unique personality.



Keeping the Tradition Alive

Over the past few decades, the rapid evolvement of modern technology has greatly endangered textile art. As attention and appreciation for this art fades, the threat of having these artisans discontinue their work has increased tremendously. It is time to shift our attention from machine-made items and show our appreciation to the women who create authentic, handmade, traditional Mexican apparel that we and so many others cherish dearly. It is important that we unite to further support the continuance of this work so we can make a difference in their lives and they in return can continue to keep their traditions alive.

Nativa is dedicated to working with each artisan on a personal level and ensuring the textiles and accessories they provide for our collections are revered and appreciated. We strive to provide them with a steady income and a profitable business to showcase their creations. Strengthened through morals based on economic fairness and mutual respect, our artisans are the sole reason for our enduring success and we will work to ensure their traditions never cease to exist.

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